Coming Up

  • Location:London
    Type: Classes for the 'Over 60s' SEIZE THE DAY'
    Next Date:02/12/2015
  • Location: COWDRAY HALL near Midhurst West Sussex
    Type:Bi-monthly Classes /Spaceholder Sweats
    Next Date:04/12/2015
  • Location:SOUTHAMPTON Hants
    Type:Fortnightly Class
    Next Date:05/12/2015
  • Location:ALTON Hampshire
    Next Date:06/12/2015
    Next Date:13/12/2015
  • Location:LONDON
    Next Date:16/12/2015
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My Thoughts and Dreams

DANCE has been part a universal culture for many thousands of years; to begin with it part of a ritual celebration; to give thanks for the end of winter, for crops and the wherewithal to survive the winter months. If i imagine it as a tree, deeply rooted in cultures now largely forgotten but which grew and spread its branches all around the world, I see that every dance now possible has come from that original tree. We all dance and move from that same root. So this tree has spread into many branches which have grown beautiful new shoots over and over again. Now we are at a stage when conscious movement and dance are flowering all around the world. For myself I "found" the 5Rhythms practice 24 years ago and realised - from work as a psychotherapist and counsellor that this was missing piece of the jigsaw. I practised hard for 8 years and then trained as a 5Rhythms' Teacher. I am grateful for every piece of teaching i received and for the generosity and patience of my teachers in that practice. I have this dance in my body, in my heart and in my mind. My path began to expand some 6 years ago when I worked with one of the founders of the Open Floor Movement Cycle; I was drawn to the work Andrea Juhan was doing and started to be a regular at her workshops. I spent a long time this year in thought about how to do the Open floor training and yet not to leave my 5Rhythms' students behind. I am now teaching both; feeling even more at one with the 5Rs, and excited about the Open Floor. My Thoughts and Dreams.... i would like to bring this form of movement work (either the 5Rs or Open Floor) to those who may be at the beginning stages of dementia. I believe that these forms of expressive, creative dance, would and can help. I also dream of being able to dance and hold classes /workshops until another 10 years have passed...