Forthcoming 5 Rhythms® Dates

Type: Living in Lyrical
Time: 2 hour class
Cost: £10

Notes: I am hoping to get a class going in Alton from september onwards and hoping that it will be Saturday am. Please watch this space...
Location: Swiss Cottage community centre, 19 Winchester Road London NW3 3NR
Type: Interim summer Class 'Seize the Day'
Next Date: 07/05/2014
Time: 1400 - 1500
Cost: £4 donation (class is 'a not for profit session'

Notes: Due to my absence from the UK during the summer, I offer classes when I am back in London. I hope to offer another class end June/early July. Otherwise classes will start again as weekly sessions in early September.
Location: Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, Hill Lane. SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE SO15 5RL
Type: Interim Summer class 'Living in Lyrical'
Next Date: 08/05/2014
Time: 1930 - 2130
Cost: £10

Notes: This is an interim class - I do not teach much during the months of April to end August. But I do return to the UK occasionally and therefore this class can happen! It is open to beginners and we will dance through a warm up and then a practice wave. Please let me know by email if you are coming. thank you.
Location: RAKE VILLAGE HALL, Brewells Lane ,Nr Liss Rake West Sussex GU33 7JA
Type: Interim summer class 'Living in Lyrical'
Next Date: 09/05/2014
Time: 1930 - 2130
Cost: £10

Notes: Further dates : I soon hope to have a date for end June, beginning July for this class or Cowdray Hall. All are welcome to try out this delightful practice of finding joy in your movement and peace in your dance. For more information contact Gay on
Next Date: 11/09/2014
Time: 1930 - 2130
Cost: £10

Notes: WELCOME TO THE SOUTHAMPTON BI-MONTHLY CLASSES - The following dates are booked and ready for us...all evening classes are on thursdays and run from 1930 - 21.30. 11/09/14 pm 27/09/14 -1 DAY WORKSHOP 09/10/14 pm 23/10/14 pm 06/11/14 pm 22/11/14 - 1DAY WORKSHOP 04/12/14 -m 18/12/14 pm Details of the workshops will arrive on your screens soon-ish...I hope to encourage you to take time out in all these sessions to listen to, give attention to, and release your body so that it can express what it needs to express, and that you can find new ways of moving, to be more expressive and creative. In the workshops we will continue to work with embodying the 5 Rhythms and using this structure to move deeper into your own beautiful and unique dance. I would ask you to book the workshops as soon as you can, and i will let you know how to pay in advance etc. later on. The evening classes do not require booking - so just come along. PLEASE ONLY CONTACT ME BY EMAIL ONLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER - I shall be moving around anEurope and prefer not to have phone conversations!
Location: COWDRAY HALL, Easebourne street, Easebourn Cowdray Hall near Midhurst West Sussex GU29 0AL
Type: MONTHLY CLASSES - Living in Lyrical
Next Date: 12/09/2014
Time: 1930 - 2130
Cost: £10

Notes: I apologise for not teaching during the summer months - there will however be a class in Rake Village Hall on May 9th 2014 from 7.30 - 9.30. There may be a class in late June or early July. Please keep an eye on the home page. We are fortunate to have a generous space with a great atmosphere at Cowdray - and i am also fortunate that with the Rake venue closed to us i have been offered almost two dates each month. Further dates: At the moment I will start teaching again on September 12th. THE FOLLOWING DATES HAVE BEEN BOOKED: 03/10/14; 17/10/14; 26/10/14 (1 DAY WORKSHOP); 07/11/14; 28/11/14; 19/12/14. January dates will booked in next 3 weeks. I teach with encouragement, respect and kindness; these classes provide a space of release from the rushing and pushing and noise of the everyday round. Come and join me and try the 5 Rhythms practice - a MOVING way to find your own joyful dance. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME ON email - BRING A FRIEND AND INTRODUCE THEM TO THE 5RHYTHMS' WORK, THE MORE THE MERRIER!