Forthcoming 5 Rhythms® Dates

Download Calendar of Forthcoming Classes. Updated 24th June 2014.

Location: Swiss Cottage Community Centre, Winchester Road, London NW3 3NR
Type: Weekly classes for the 'Over 60s' SEIZE THE DAY'
Next Date: 17/09/2014
Time: 1400 - 1500
Cost: Non profit class - £4 (£5 to cover the cost if les

Notes: This a gentle meditative class for older people, no level of fitness required, beginners welcome. Wheelchair access. We move, we laugh, we give our bodies attention; we become aware of our possibilities and our limitations. We can sit or lie on the floor and we can dance. If you love to sway to a beat and haven't got a big enough kitchen - come and join us and move on a beautiful floor in the company of others who want to let their feet dance. No class on 24th September or 5th November 2014. Classes stop on 17th December
Next Date: 27/09/2014
Time: 1015 - 1600
Cost: £35 Concessions £20 click on more information

Notes: 27/09/14 -1 DAY WORKSHOP - FUNDAMENTALS 2 - YOU AND ME 22/11/14 - 1 DAY WORKSHOP - FUNDAMENTALS 3 - CHAOS Dates unknown for FUNDAMENTALS 4 and 5 - hopefully 14/02/15 and 21/03/15 Ihope to encourage you to take time out in these first TWO workshops to listen to, give attention to, and release your body so that it can express what it needs to express, and that you can find new ways of moving, to be more expressive and creative. In the workshops we will continue to work with embodying the 5 Rhythms and using this structure to move deeper into your own beautiful and unique dance. In the all of these workshops the theme remains the same - the Fundamentals of this Movement work. In September we will give more time to the rhythm of STACCATO and what it means to each of us - what can we discover from how our bodies manage the 'You and Me", the meeting,the parting and what happens around these comin gs and goings. We will work with our bodies and through our focus,courage, curiosity, humour and our own experience, reach a place where possibilities of change may appear. The workshop in November will focus on the rhythm of's meaning to the self, to another, to us, and to the outside world. Again I would ask you bring with your own experiences of this rhythm, your humour and your curiosity. I would ask you to book the workshops as soon as you can. If there is anyone out there who would like to book all four workshops now - then contact me on email. Otherwise for the Workshops in September and November-: EACH WORKSHOP COSTS £35 - BUT IF YOU BOOK BOTH WORKSHOPS AND PAY BEFORE 27/09/2014, then you will ONLY PAY £50. Please let me know by email on details of how to pay before the 27/09/14. Sadly, you will have to pay the full amount for both workshops if you don't pay beforehand, or arrive with a cheque in your hand on 27/09/14. If you would like to ask for a concessionary price - £20 per workshop - then these can be available by request direct to me by email. Students who are not working are welcome to ask, as are those who are out of work and on benefit.s. If you do not fit these categories I would consider anyone who would offer to help with the setting up and clearing up in both workshops. - PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL ONLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER - I shall be moving around Europe and prefer not to have phone conversations! Email:
Type: Living in Lyrical
Next Date: 28/09/2014
Time: 1100 - 1300
Cost: £10

Notes: From SEPTEMBER there will be a monthly class in ALTON, certain dates are for Saturdays, other for Sundays. Sat. 13/09/14 ; Sun. 28/09/14; Sat. 18/10/14; Sun 23/11/14; Sat. 13/12/14. This class will be a session for you practising your dance - to give yourself time to be embodied and aware of your physicality, your fluidity and the creativity that comes from your curiosity about yourself and others. Suitable for beginners and for those who know this practice. For enquiries, please EMAIL ME - and I will respond as soon as I am able -
Location: COWDRAY HALL, Easebourne street, Easebourn COWDRAY HALL near Midhurst West Sussex GU29 0AL
Type: MONTHLY CLASSES - Living in Lyrical
Next Date: 03/10/2014
Time: 1930 - 2130
Cost: £10

Notes: We are fortunate to have a generous and beautiful space with a great atmosphere at Cowdray - and i am also fortunate that with the Rake venue closed to us I have been offered almost two dates each month. I would like to increase this - and hope that by September 2015 I may be able to offer a weekly class. Further dates: THE FOLLOWING DATES HAVE BEEN BOOKED: 03/10/14; 17/10/14; 26/10/14 (1 DAY WORKSHOP); 07/11/14; 28/11/14; 19/12/14. Classes are from 1930 - 2130 and the workshop will begin at 1030 and end at 1700. I teach with encouragement, respect and kindness; these classes provide a space of release from the rushing and pushing and noise of the everyday round. This practice is held by a strong rhythmic structure - the music - and your ability to surrender to this in your own way and together with your mindfulness vis a vis your body brings out your authentic energy. This practice can promote change - in body, mind and emotions - and it also an opportunity to enjoy your own dance... FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME ON email - BRING A FRIEND AND INTRODUCE THEM TO THE 5RHYTHMS' WORK, THE MORE THE MERRIER!
Location: Richard Taunton Sixth Form College, Performance Studio, Hill Lane, SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE SO50 5RL
Type: Bi-monthly Classes -
Next Date: 09/10/2014
Time: 1930 - 2130
Cost: £10 (concessions available for students - £7)

Notes: This is the first of a a twice monthly class (or workshop) that I am offering to the South Hampshire area. We started the class a year ago and already it is a community with a unique flavour - of joy in dance, a willingness to try out something new and showing great sensitivity to their fellow dancers. My aims in teaching this work are to encourage movement; to show how simple changes of body movement can produce change in our everyday lives, and to promote a sense of mindfulness of our inner energy and how we struggle to listen to our bodies and allow the body mind to move in freedom. I look forward to meeting you. The following dates give you a chance to put them into your diary NOW! WORKSHOPS 27/09/14 and 22/11/14 SEE SEPARATE ENTRY FOR DESCRIPTION OF THESE ON FORTHCOMING CLASSES. 09/10/14 23/10/14 06/11/14 4/12/14 18/12/14 Classes will resume in January 2015, possibly on 15//1/15 ( dates to be confirmed)
Next Date: 26/10/2014
Time: 1030 -1700
Cost: £30 Concessions £15 see discounted payment plan

Notes: WE HAD A VERY BEAUTIFUL WORKSHOP EARLIER THIS YEAR, and although it was called DIVING DEEPER, ESSENTIALLY IT COVERED THE SAME GROUND AS FUNDAMENTALS 1 and 2 which I taught in SOUTHAMPTON during the Autumn/Spring of 2014. So for our workshops in the coming 6 months I would like to continue with the title FUNDAMENTALS. There is so much to cover in and arounds these 5Rhythms, and I like the broad sweep of the word - space to explore, to discover, to learn and relearn our own body movements, what we like, what we avoid, where we hold back and where we jump in.... So for the start of this teaching season I offer you FUNDAMENTALS 3 - a journey around and into Chaos - for a lot of people this is a moment to groan! - but for those of you who have worked with me before in Chaos, you will know that this is a rhythm which is well worth exploring as insight and creativity live within it's interstices. We will concentrate on how our bodies feel this rhythm, how we welcome it, how we fear it. How we manage to be with another and with a group. In short, a voyage of discovery - breathless, exciting and a whole lot of other feelings beside. Bring with you your humour, your compassion, your courage and that curiosity to experience something new. There will be exercises, there will be time for talk, and also time to find your own unique dance. I have booked Cowdray Hall for 2 further Workshops: 22/02/15 and 22/03/15. which will take us through the Rhythms of Lyrical and Stillness. Cost - Each workshop £35, concessions £20.(on request) If you wish to pay for all for all 3 before the 26/10/14, then you will get a discounted price - £75 for the three workshops. Please contact me by email if you would like to do this. For concessions, please email me too.
Location: Richard Taunton 6th Form College, Hill Lane, SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE SO15 5RL
Next Date: 22/11/2014
Time: 1015 - 1600
Cost: £35 Conc. £20 please click on more information

Notes: We will concentrate on the rhythm of Chaos in this workshop - how our bodies feel this rhythm, how we welcome it, how we fear it. How we manage to be with another and with a group. In short, a voyage of discovery - breathless, exciting and a whole lot of other feelings beside. Bring with you your humour, your compassion, your courage and that curiosity to experience something new. There will be exercises, there will be time for talk, and also time to find your own unique dance. IF YOU CAN COME TO BOTH WORKSHOPS - i.e. 27/09/14 AS WELL AS THIS ONE , THEN PLEASE CLICK ON MORE INFORMATION - FOR THE WORKSHOP ON 27/09/14, WHERE YOU WILL FIND THE PRE-PAYMENT PLAN. It is important to pay the discounted price before the first workshop - otherwise I am afraid you will have to pay the full amount for both workshops. Concessions are available on request to me. As a general rule, i am happy to offer concessions to students - who are not working - and sometimes in return for assistance to me, either in setting up or in clearing up safer a workshop. Please email me if you would be interested in giving me a hand or want the details of how to pay for the discounted price. This workshop is the second of four - dates (still to be confirmed, are 14/02/15 and 21/03/15. These will explored the Fundamentals of Lyrical and Stillness.