And the Dance goes on... and on...

Beautiful Tree

DANCE has been part of a universal culture for many thousands of years; to begin with it was surely part of a ritual; a prayer for survival through the beat of feet on the earth, a way of understanding the world the ancients lived in; a communal way of measuring the passage of time; a tribal celebration. Through centuries it developed, deepened and differed. If I imagine it as a tree, deeply rooted in cultures now largely forgotten but which grew and spread its branches all around the world, I see that every dance now possible has come from that original tree.  Now we are at a stage when conscious movement and dance are flowering all around the world.

Whenever I am teaching, I try to ensure that what we do is with consciousness in mind, heart and body so that spirit is enriched.  Moving as a meditation enables us to be aware constantly of our physicality, our thoughts and our mood changes.  Movement enables us to move with energy when we feel that energy rising and to rest in the music when we need to.

Just letting ourselves be ourselves allows us space and time to really follow our feet, to learn how to follow and express our emotions and to take note of repeating thoughts and have the encouragement to make changes.....allowing room for spirit to be recognised and welcomed.

Come and join me in one of the classes listed. You will be very welcome.